Volunteers are our most valuable asset! Thanks for your interest in wanting to join our team of more than 100 people all pulling together to improve the lives of the less fortunate here in our community. Here's a description of areas you can jump into any time!




Mondo Anaya Community Center Tutor
1487 N Crane Place

Year round we help kids with homework or reading enrichment for one-hour 5 days a week.

  • School Year Schedule 3pm - 4pm Mon - Fri
  • Summer Schedule 1pm - 2pm Mon - Fri


Community Garden
702 E Cottonwood Lane

Whether you have a green thumb or not, the garden is a great place to help our community. Vegetables that are harvested are shared with the families in our other programs. There is never a shortage of weeding and tending that needs to be done and we welcome all the hands we can get.


Hot Lunch
518 E  2nd Street (Fountains of Living Water Church)

Help dish up plates or serve drinks to our participants.

  • Mon - Sat 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Local Driver Food Pick-up

Second Harvest is a local program restaurants participate in to give day-old food to charities. Pick up drivers are needed on Monday and Thursday afternoons. It takes about 1 1/2 hours. Back up drivers are also needed!

  • Mondays
  • Thursdays


Phoenix Driver Food Pick-up

Drive our van 110 miles round trip to St. Vincent de Paul and back to deliver cooked, hot food to serve in our buffet station. Drivers leave about 7:30am and are back by 10:30am. Back up drivers are also needed!

  • Mondays
  • Wednesdays



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