About Us

Seeds of Hope is a non-profit charity that promotes opportunities to improve lives through relationships and community development. We help those in need with food and clothing and have been one of the primary social service providers in the Casa Grande area since 1993.

We appreciate the generous support of our community and the partnerships we have formed with local businesses, organizations, churches and agencies, that provide volunteers and other resources to help us fulfill our mission. While our partnerships are crucial to our cause, our true strength relies on our volunteers. We could not do what we do without the volunteers that lift up our entire community.

Serving Casa Grande

In 2022

  • 10,876 meals served and food bags given to the homeless and jobless.
  • 2166 Senior adult visits to the MACC
  • 35 Students participating in MACC Afterschool activities from 11 different CGESD Schools
  • 8 Different community groups utilizing the MACC to provide services to the community
  • 10 Peer leaders trained in leadership, modeling pro-social behavior to the next generation



Executive Director

Joe Rivas

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Hi! I'm Joe Rivas, the Executive Director for Seeds of Hope. My wife, Angel and I have lived in the area for 15 months with our dog, Sox, and enjoy the small-town feeling from Casa Grande and its surrounding areas. As the Executive Director, my goals are to share the vision of Seeds of Hope, recruit volunteers for our many programs, and to share our need for donations. We are very grateful for your Time, Talent, Treasure and even Tacos in helping us serve our community!

Programs Manager

Toni Nunez

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Hi I’m Toni Nunez. I was raised in Casa Grande. In 7th grade I became a Peer Leader for Seeds of Hope. I grew up, had my family and came back to Seeds of Hope when my five kids were little. I was hired in July of 2014 as the Hot Lunch Coordinator. I am now the Programs Manger. My kids were raised through the Program and are all basically grown now. I have been with my husband Jose for 20 years and we have one granddaughter. I like to spend time with my family having cook outs. I love being a soccer mom to our youngest daughter. Phoenix Suns are my favorite team. And I only root for Arizona teams! I enjoy meeting people! I want to know about you and your story. We might have something in common. I like to give and serve the Lord.

Hot Lunch Site Coordinator

Alicia Lozano

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Hi I’m Alicia Lozano. I was originally born and raised in Ventura, California. I married my husband in 1974, almost 50 years! We have 3 grown sons. I have traveled many years with my husband, David being in the Air Force, Germany, England, France Switzerland, Holland, BUT Zaragoza, Spain is one of my favorites. Where we went to a Spanish  Assembly of God Christian Church. We lived in Sacramento, CA., where our boys graduated. That’s where David retired. Fast forward to 2021 we moved to Toltec. We found our Church Fountains of Living Water where I became a volunteer to Seeds of Hope Hot Lunch. I became the Hot Lunch Coordinator in January of 2023. I am passionate about our mission to improve lives and work toward "Spreading the Love of Christ"

MACC Coordinator

Karla Rascon

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Hi! I’m Karla Rascon, I have lived in Casa Grande my entire life and love it! I’m happily engaged and have a 1-year-old and expecting another. I love to try different foods and love spending quality time with friends and family. You can catch me in line at Starbucks getting my pink drink. I’ve been a part of Seeds of Hope for over 15 years. I first started participating as a student, slowly worked my way up in middle school and high school as a peer leader. Then as the Coordinator Assistant, currently I am the MACC Coordinator. I love being a part of Seeds of Hope, a great organization. I enjoy meeting such great people and serving my community.

Garden Coordinator

Steve Sanders

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Hi! I'm Steve Sanders. I am the Community Garden Coordinator for Seeds of Hope. My wife, Cris and I have been married and have lived in Casa Grande for many years. I grew up in Casa Grande and its surrounding areas. As the Community Garden Coordinator, my goals are to share the vision of Seeds of Hope, share the harvest, and to recruit volunteers from the community.